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Country Farm and Business Management

Business and country farm planning is the process of planning every aspect of an agricultural business to maximize earnings and profits. It is a complicated undertaking that requires a range of technical, human and economic conceptual and analytical skills. The challenge is that the outcome of any action is based on conditions which can’t be predicted or guaranteed and requires a certain amount of flexibility in the face uncertainty.

Management of business and farming are inextricably linked, and a successful farmer has to think about both sides of the equation. For instance, she must be able to plan production on the basis of market prices and climatic conditions whilst at the same being a good financial manager, deciding how to raise money to fund the business in the near future and monitoring progress towards the goals set.

It is also important for the owner to earn sufficient income from sources other than farm to cover operating costs and provide a safety margin against emergencies or unexpected events. In addition the proper public facilities should be made available to accommodate customers and visitors (e.g. parking signage, education, and customer assistance).

Many ranches and farms provide an educational experience for their visitors that concentrates on fiber and food production, land stewardship and the past of agriculture. This is a great method to retain and attract customers and is usually popular with the general public. You might be able receive funding from a federal or local agency to cover the cost of education.

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